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Sichuan Central Inspection Technology Inc.(Abbreviation: SCIT),stock code:839148,has a total assets of more than 50 million yuan. The company specializes in Railway, Transportation, Hydro-power and Water, Construction, Education, Metallurgy etc., with a long-term commitment to the research of the equipment and technology for Nondestructive Detection, Remote Monitoring, Disaster Prevention and Mitigation etc., which is a high-tech enterprise, including  design, manufacture, development, sale, field detection and inquiry service for equipment and system.

Main products and services:

(1)Testing equipment manufacturing and selling: The NDT equipment of various mechanical characteristics, shapes, damages and defects of concrete structure, Geo-material, pres-tress system, post column, ballast-less track slab, blast furnace etc.

(2)Monitoring system manufacturing and selling: It consists of the self-excitation health monitoring system for pres-tress concrete bridge and the remote health monitoring system for tunnel and side slope.

(3)Testing and monitoring database: It provides a full set of services for database management, with the management of massive data, including data upload, data down load, data store, data retrieve, data query, data print and the comparison of monitoring data at different times which supports the remote data transmission on both wire and wireless network.

(4)Testing consulting: It provides the comprehensive detection and monitoring, and the service for system operation.

(5)The NDT teaching system for university: It provides a full of teaching for nondestructive test and the construction scheme for experimental base.

(6)The model system for engineering quality and health information -BQIM: It connects various testers, monitoring systems, databases and fuses the BIM system with visible and attribute management of construction quality and operation state of the important structure to realize three dimensional digital management of the whole life cycle for engineering quality.


SCIT established extensive relations of cooperation with Research Institute of Highway Ministry of Transport, China Institute of Water Resources and Hydro-power Research, China Academy of Engineering Physics, Central Research Institute of Building and Construction, China Academy of Railway Sciences, Zhejiang Scientific Research Institute of Transport and any other research institutions within the industry, as well as many overseas companies. The company cooperated with Chongqing Jiaotong University to build the Key Experimental Training Base for mountain bridge and tunnel(nation),and cooperated with Sichuan Vocational Technical College of Communications to build NDT Experimental Base,and established Key Laboratory of NDT with Sichuan University of Science and Engineering .


The company’s technical foundation origins from the results researched by the founder who has worked in domestic and foreign engineering industry for more than 20 years and also from the cooperation results with many top research institutions. At present, we have nearly 20 inventions and 30 software copyrights being patented, with 14 invention patents and 30 software copyrights which have been authorized. Our related technology obtained the first application achievement award for China Institution of Water Resources and Hydro-power Research at 2010,the second technology award for National Municipal Work at 2011,the third technology award for Chinese Highway Academy at 2011,2012,2014 respectively. Our research technology has been identified as the international advanced level for many times. The product was evaluated as the provincial and core national new product that has been included in the extended catalog for Ministry of Science and Technology Achievement, and in the recommended catalog as famous product of provincial place. The company complied more than 30 standards and specifications of nation the related industries, while undertaking more than 50 various projects from Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Communications, Sichuan Science and Technology Department, Sichuan Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology and Department of Communication of Zhejiang Province.